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    July 10th Banned List Update No changes at this time …ish Effective June 10th, 2020, Wizards of the Coast is removing seven cards from all their con
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    Gaia’s cradle should be banned if you’re still looking at green ramp. I had one in a Lord Windgrace deck and it took over games every time it hit the battlefield and seemed really skewed on advantage. I also ended up taking out wild fire as well as windgrace recovered with ease every time it was played. This is a super fun format to playtest, especially with all the new War of the spark walkers, and the new Jeskai Narset has been pretty fun as well. The only other issue I’ve ran into while playing is extra turn cards (that naturally exile themselves) in the signature slot that certain spikes I know seem to enjoy. Otherwise, I’m loving it, keep safe and I’m excited to see the continued growth of this format!

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