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    350 CMOs: 3 Marketing Supertrends For 2021 … And The No-Hype Future Of Marketing Tech

    Every year I do a “future of marketing technology” report.

    Every year, the answers follow a similar pattern: virtual reality is the future of marketing. Augmented reality is the future. AI is the future. Influencer marketing will change everything. Remember the chatbot craze? Personalization? Voice search? Personalized everything? Omnichannel? Messaging? Podcasts? Shoppable social media posts?

    The list of hyped marketing technologies is very, very long. Always, marketers have hoped for a silver bullet. Always, vendors have promised one. Generally, marketers have bought into the hype, at least for six months or a year.

    But not for 2021.

    Somehow, a global pandemic wiped out the air cover for hype cycle technologies and just maybe, left brands and marketers with a little more reality. A little more wisdom.

    So what’s left?

    Holistic transformation of marketing in a digital-first world. Not one savior technology that will change everything and make all the difference. But a general, complete, full evolution of marketing that is digital first.

    “Finally, all the sacred cows are dead,” says Openpath CMO Kieran Hannon. “Now meaningful customer-centric digital transformation can accelerate.”

    “Fusion is the new ecosystem,” says Suzanne Kounkel, Chief Marketing Officer for Deloitte. “Fusion is the art of bringing together new business partnerships, customer insights, and digital platforms to create ecosystems.”

    “We’ve learned during this pandemic that we can communicate over digital platforms better than we thought,” says Penry Price, VP of Marketing at LinkedIn.

    For 2021 I spoke to, surveyed, and solicited insights from 350 marketing leaders: CMOs, CEOs, VPs of marketing, and more. Then I consolidated all the raw data, getting multiple data points from each leader (which is why the numbers in the chart above add up to much more than 350). What emerged was a surprisingly unified picture of how marketing executives view a coming year in which the global pandemic rages on, privacy and data ownership is increasingly important, and social/political upheaval continues to roil.

    My full report is available here. Full disclosure, I do some consulting for Singular, a mobile measurement and attribution company.

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