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    For anyone who regularly needs to sleep late Whether it is because of insomnia Or work late at night It is wise to always take good care of their own health. Especially choosing food that can help restore and recharge the body. Which we have 6 types of food for people who sleep late to recommend as follows

    1. Water

    Water is very essential for the body. Especially when going to bed late on a regular basis Until the body is exhausted By drinking a lot of water Will help restore the body And relieve fatigue that occurs, which in 1 day should drink more than 8 glasses of water

    2.High protein foods

    High protein foods It is an important part of the body and brain. It helps to work efficiently. And reduce symptoms of fatigue Fatigue from staying up late as well. Therefore, you should always eat enough protein. The recommended protein foods for late night sleepers include high-protein nuts like almonds, pittachios, cashews, and yogurt.

    3. Fruits, vegetables and fresh juices

    Another food for late night sleepers that should not be lacking is fresh vegetables and fruits. Because it contains many vitamins and minerals That will help nourish the body and restore and repair the worn parts as well Plus it makes you feel rejuvenated With more full power than before as well In addition, fresh juice. It is another healthy option that should not be overlooked as well.

    4. Porridge or tofu juice in the machine

    If you have symptoms of hunger at night To find fish porridge, chicken or tofu juice to eat. To relieve hunger Because these foods are easy to digest Not much energy But refreshes the body as well Therefore suitable for people who stay up late

    5.Brain food

    Brain nourishing food Is another thing that people who stay up late should always eat Because of sleeping late regularly Will make the brain less efficient at work And easy deterioration of brain cells Therefore, it is necessary to eat brain nourishing food to stimulate brain activity. The recommended foods include nuts, egg yolks, fish fillets, chicken breasts or dehydrated cereals, etc.

    6. Coffee

    Coffee is a great help for people who stay up late. That will keep the body from becoming too tired. But should not drink too much Because the caffeine in coffee can have a negative effect on your health as well. In addition, they should drink only during the day. Should not drink at night is strictly prohibited.

    When having to sleep late on a regular basis Try eating these 6 foods together and help restore the body. Ready to recharge your energy with full of course But should try to avoid staying up late And should sleep for 7-8 hours a day or more To have real good health.

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