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    Oathbreaker has had an influx of a large number of new Planeswalkers with static abilities.  The format has also grown substantially in popularit
    [See the full post at: Banned List – August 2]

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    Thank you for the great format and well-reasoned writeup.

    Our group (tuned casual decks) decided to ban The Elderspell because it’s just a bit too “tailor-made” for the format. Being able to sweep opposing walkers or being able to give your own walker enough loyalty to ult would be powerful enough effects on their own, but when they’re combined into a two mana card it’s a bit too much and an autoinclude for any deck that can play it.

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    Я тут нашел новый гарант кто-нибудь использовал дайте отзыв если кто применял его

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