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    If you’re constantly searching for low frequencies in your car audio setup, a quality subwoofer is your ticket to satisfaction. The best car subwoofer is much more than just a speaker you throw in the trunk. The best sound from a subwoofer is based on a balance between power, quality and performance.

    1. Rockford Fosgate P300

    At its most basic, a subwoofer is a low-frequency speaker. To get the sound to the subwoofer, you’ll need to send power to it, unless it comes with a built-in amplifier, like the Rockford Fosgate P300 and other models featured in this article. The P300 comes in a sealed case, for tight and accurate bass sound.

    The built-in 300 Watt amplifier means all you have to do is plug in power and a sound source and you’re good to go. With a sleek but not flimsy form factor, the P300 balances powerful performance with ease of installation.

    La carcasa de este subwoofer es perfecta para instalarse debajo de los asientos de una camioneta, o incluso en pequeñas cajuelas. El gabinete está hecho de MDF y cubierto con vinil industrial activado por calor. Además de ser una solución de bajos todo en uno sólidamente construida, el P300 también tiene una variedad de características para ayudar a mejorar el sonido de tu auto. Con el control de nivel de bajos remoto incluido, se puede ajustar sobre la marcha.

    En resumen: Para una verdadera funcionalidad plug-and-play, en un subwoofer totalmente cargado y con alimentación, es difícil superar al Rockford Fosgate P300. Si estás buscando una solución de bajos simple, puedes comenzar a utilizar este subwoofer en muy poco tiempo. También funciona bien como complemento de un sistema existente con un subwoofer incorporado.

    2. RockSeries RKS-12D4XS / D2XS / D1XS

    All-in-one powered subwoofers excel at convenience, but are often lacking in power. If you want to feel the bass in your bones and wake up the neighbors a few blocks away, you need a product that is completely on another level.

    The RockSeries line of subwoofers is inexpensive and deceptively simple.

    The RKS-12D4XS subwoofers are a product for the SPL and Open Show enthusiast as they support 1,500 Watts RMS without any problem. You will need a separate speaker and you will have to feed them with a very powerful Class D amplifier; we recommend a 2,000 watt one. You may even need to adjust your electrical system, especially if you plan to run it at full capacity. Once setup and connected, this subwoofer can be your own seismic machine. Unless you are an expert in car audio, do not try to install this beast yourself, otherwise you run the risk of voltage drop. But if you’re looking to win a competition, RockSeries subwoofers may be your ticket. The RKS-12D4XS is a monster that will take your car audio to depths without imagining.

    Bottom line: the RKS-12D4XS is impressive and a formidable choice for someone who’s serious about bass. Great for anyone wanting to participate in a car audio competition, but for casual and enthusiastic listeners, it may be overkill. Tread lightly and make sure you know what you’re getting into, make sure a qualified

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