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    “Black sesame” is one of the most popular cereals in food. And many kinds of drinks And is often the first choice of people who are taking care of their health Because it is a super food that is packed with nutrients that are beneficial to the body, such as contain antioxidants that help slow down aging. Reduce blood cholesterol And it is also high in calcium, which helps build and maintain bones, 6 times more than cow’s milk. But even if the black sesame is very useful. If you eat too much May cause harm to the body

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    “Black sesame” with good precautions before eating

    Black sesame seeds are highly beneficial. Although the amount eaten is not large But thanks to its small and light size, it’s easy to mix with other foods. It may cause many people to be unaware of the amount they eat each time.

    But black sesame is considered to be a relatively high energy food because 100 grams of black sesame seeds provide 700 kilo calories of energy, so black sesame seeds are often used as an ingredient of many different energy foods. Is a food with a relatively high amount of copper Normally, the body is able to get rid of the excess copper from the body. But in some patients, such as Wilson’s disease, a genetic disease that is born. Causing impaired expulsion of copper from the body The accumulation of copper in that person’s body continues until the onset of symptoms, the most common being liver symptoms such as jaundice, enlarged liver, spleen, followed by neurological symptoms. Abnormal movements, difficulty swallowing, etc.

    Recommended amount of “black sesame” in 1 day If the body is in good health There is no problem in removing excess copper from the body.

    You should be careful about the amount of energy you can get too much. By the amount of black sesame seeds that are recommended each day Should be around 15 grams per day or 1 tablespoon is enough to meet the needs of the body.

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