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    Greeting fellow planeswalkers! Welcome to BudgetBreakers, where we build fun and competitive decks for under $50. With today’s deck, we’re looking at
    [See the full post at: BudgetBreaker: Vraska’s Call – Deck Tech Video]

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    Hapatra does make -1/-1 counters and not +1/+1 counters, pretty important for the deck. You still probably play it, but I do want to point that out. Aside from the slip, this looks like a great start to pour money into. I will say you probably want Jiang Yanggu and Evolution Sage as easy to acquire tools that fit in great, but I assume they had to be cut out just to snake (ha) in under that fifty dollar mark. I sent the link to the resident Golgari guy at my LGS, who’ll probably eat it up. Good stuff.

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      I think I may have just misspoken! Glad you liked it, I will keep these coming!

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