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    Flawless Maneuver, Fierce Guardianship, Deadly Rollick, Deflecting Swat, and Obscuring Haze should all be banned from Oathbreaker. In the mainboard they are (for the most part) fair cards, however as Signature Spells they can be cast infinite times for free. Commander tax increases the cost of the spell by 2 generic mana however with this ability, the mana cost of the spell is being ignored, thus allowing a player to free cast any of these spells infinite times from the command zone.

    Although several of them may be interesting to build around, the mechanic as a whole is inherently broken in Oathbreaker, and as such I’d recommend that all five of these cards be banned.

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    I don’t know about the power level of the other 4 spells, and I don’t particularly play Oathbreaker a ton, but after Fierce Guardianship was spoiled my group immediately put it in as the signature spell for all our blue Walkers.

    The game play results have not been… satisfying. This card alone completely breaks the entire format, almost all 4 mana Walkers became entirely unplayable (because they would never be cast, ever) and all 5+ mana Walkers are not even remotely close to playable. Essentially, the games come down to whichever blue Walker hits the battlefield first (turn order is a big deal here, a very very big deal) and that player locks every other player out of the the game completely.

    It’s felt most oppressive paired with T3feri (as you can’t even fight back with countermagic) but is very solid in the hands of Tamiyo, Oko, Narset, Ashiok, and Aminatou all the same. Oko has been the most consistent about hitting the board turn 2 and soft locking all the other players out of the game (green mana dork access does wonders) but we’ve seen a tiny handful of games where the lock was overcome by the combined efforts of all three players (in which case the very next blue walker in turn order immediately won the game after finally being able to resolve their own walker).

    There’s no doubt Fierce Guardianship absolutely needs a ban in Oathbreaker, and I’d be hard pressed to say that the rest of the cycle will be healthy for the format. As it stands, with these cards now existing, the format becomes completely warped around blue walkers and landing them on turn 2 to lock everyone else out of playing and this just isn’t where the format wants to be.

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    I was just doing some excessive research on how the mtg rules look at situations like this and found that the command tax is still applied for each casting, and is not to be ignored.

    Looking at the wording on the cards, it is an alternate cost for the card:

    117.9. Some spells have alternative costs. An alternative cost is a cost listed in a spell’s text, or applied to it from another effect, that its controller may pay rather than paying the spell’s mana cost. Alternative costs are usually phrased, “You may [action] rather than pay [this object’s] mana cost,” or “You may cast [this object] without paying its mana cost.” Note that some alternative costs are listed in keywords.

    The rules for a command tax states that it is applied as an additional cost, in this order:

    Cost/alternate cost + additional cost (i.e. command tax) – cost reductions.

    Looking at it this way, the catds cannot be played infinite times for free.

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