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    Seems like it’s been a while since anyone posted some real Magic content here, let’s see if this forum is still alive.

    Oathbreaker has some really exciting possibilities for Burn in a singleton format, given the 100 card requirement of EDH can be a hard thing to orchestrate when focusing purely on damaging spells. Furhter, it can be hard to protect onesself from the ever-swelling board states.

    We’ll have to protect Chandra here, of course, and once we’ve revealed our true abilities it may be too late for our opponents. Force of Rage is our signature spell of choice to protect from melee, and it does so at very reasonable prices – A mere banished discard for the first cast, and then a banished discard plus commander tax for each cast on an opponent’s turn from there. Hopefully we don’t need to drop this too often, it’s a big threat to lose up to 6 toughness worth of creatures and we’ll find it to be valuable for at least three casts.

    You may have noticed Chandra, Torch of Defiance has a +1 to add two red mana. That ramp is obscene, but not enough on its own. For both tempo and unexpectedly large spells when we need them, we’ll add Simian Spirit Guide, Braid of Fire, Vessel of Volatility, Seething Song, and Rite of Flame.

    How best to burn that big mana? X+red spells, of course! There are tons, though a few stand out for their unique deviations:

    Electrodominance – This will let us cast a spell with CMC less than X for free, though this does come at the cost of being X+red+red.

    Comet Storm – Another X+red+Red, this one has multi kicker 1 to target additional targets. Each will be hit for X, though the 1 for each additional target is not factored, this can provide immense value with equally immense mana.

    Bonfire of the Damned – XX+red isn’t so good at face value, but this hits target player AND all of their creatures! Further, if it’s the turn you drew it, Miracle makes it cost only X+red to do direct damage and a likely board whipe!

    Banefire – A fantastic finishing move, if X is more than 5, it cannot be countered and damage cannot be prevented.

    Avacyn’s Judgement – While not technically an X cost, it becomes one when discarded due to Madness – and its X can be divided amongst any number of targets!

    Ghitu Fire – X+red to deal X to any target, plus you can pay an additional 2 generic to make it instant speed.

    While 58 cards is much less to sift through to hit the spells we’ll want to start dealing damage than the 100 in EDH, we’ll still need ways to keep our hand flush with fire to burn – either in damage or to banish for Force of Rage. Madness and flashback spells are perfect for pitching for red draw costs, as is Pyroblast in the event that you’re not playing against any blue.

    Tormenting Voice and Thrill of Possibility both discard one card to draw two, a worthy trade even if we can’t dump something that provides value when at that time. Cathartic Reunion discards two cards for three draw, and Dangerous Wager discards your whole hand for two – killer if it’s the last card in hand. Artifacts for draw are also a good idea, Bonder’s Ornament, Arcane Encyclopedia, etc. will help keep that hand hot, but my personal favorite is Bag of Holding given how often we’d like to be discarding for draws.

    Toss cards: Fiery Temper, Avacyn’s Judgement, Violent Eruption, Flaring Pain

    Finally, we’ll talk about the most fun part of this strategy – Spell doubling. When X cost spells are duplicated, the X you paid for the first spell is also duplicated in the copy, making them perfect for dealing obscene amounts of damage with relatively small mana – when duplicated. Don’t underestimate the power of doubling a draw card, either.

    Bonus Round – Copies all your subsequent instant/sorceries for a turn for 3 CMC. Especially strong if you’re holding a few static cost spells and would like to make an impact while waiting on an X, or if your mana is simply too low to make an X shine.

    Doublecast – Copies your next instant/sorcery this turn for 2 red. Not too shabby given you could deal 10 damage for 8 mana with a good ol’ fashioned Fireball.

    Increasing Vengeance – Copies target instant/sorcery you control at instant speed for 2 red, this duplicator also comes with Flashback. For 5 CMC, it’ll duplicate something TWICE from the graveyard! That sounds like 9 damage for 6 CMC using Lightning Bolt!

    Reverberate – Copy target instant/sorcery at instant speed for 2 red. Note that it can target ANY instant/sorcery, making it a perfect counterspell counter, but it could also be used to duplicate… Well… Anything.

    Double Vision – 5 CMC, but this enchantment copies the first instant or sorcery cast every turn you still possess it.

    And that about does it! This is my first attempt at a deck tech type of post, so any criticism is both welcome and invited. If you’ve got any tips or tricks for this build or one like it, please leave them!

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