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    This deck presented here is the first one I concocted after hearing what oathbreaker was about. It was nonetheless not my first idea but the one that sounded the most fun to play. Little did I know what monster would emerge from it. Keep in mind this build is the first iteration of this deck and was built to play in a league under 225 USD. There are vast improvements to be made and i’ll try to give some insight into what cards to remove and what to replace them with.

    Our Oathbreaker Our Signature Spell: Thoughtcast

    Here is the list: http://decks.deckedbuilder.com/d/2019-05-16/2AwSmBTjRkWGsHDZcUe6RA==

    The deck relies on the Affinity keyword of Thoughtcast to cast it for 1 mana again and again and again as many times as needed to secure a win. For those who are yet to understand, Affinity let us reduce the tax cost that comes when playing your signature spell along with the regular mana cost, meaning our spell will essentially cost a single blue mana … forever; or until someone wipes your board. The deck wins with the help of 2 cards, both doing completely different things. Let’s start with the coolest one.

    Altar of the Brood

    This is, in my opinion, a very underrated card. Altar of the Brood not only fit the goal of playing small artifacts to generate more artifacts in the form of servo but also serve as one of our main win condition. Almost every card in the deck is gonna trigger it twice (once for the permanent itself and once for the servo our oathbreaker provides) making for a very fast milling machine. Our deck is packing some cards to help the altar do it’s thing by making MORE altars. Mirrorworks, Sculpting Steel and Saheeli herself can provide you with a second altar making the milling job that much more quick and easy. Prototype portal also generates a new altar every turn if you so desire (not that you need more than 1 or 2 to win anyway).

    I speak with experience when I say this is your main win condition. We will end up with an armada of servos, sure, but can’t count on them attacking the turn they are created and you most likely won’t get another turn if you get upwards of 10 servos. Thus attacking with 40 1/1 isn’t the way to win. We can still weaponize those 1/1 with the altar and kill everyone through milling.

    Although this isn’t entirely true. Most of the time you will have about 5 to 8 tokens on the board before you go off and those can certainly attack when time comes. Meaning, if we can crank them up enough, they can secure a win by bringing our opponent’s life totals from 20 to zero. That’s where our second win condition comes into play.

    Coat of Arms

    Coat of Arms.This one is pretty self explanatory. The dozens of servos you will create on your turn can’t attack but they don’t need to when this hits the board. The ones from previous turn are now immense and will certainly bring your opponent down.

    Sword of Feast and Famine Storm the Vault

    In the list, 2 cards will find value in attacking apart from Coat of Arms. They are in the form of Sword of Feast and Famine and Storm the Vault. If you are like me and have a short attention span, you might end up using your attack step to untap your lands with the sword to create more servos and not realise you’ve already attacked when comes the time to go sideways with your 40/40 servos pumped up by the Coat of Arms. Sounds like a dumb mistake but it’s easy to lose track of this when playing this deck. Afterall your “go off” turn will most likely last upward of 10 minutes at first. Just keep that in mind, this warning also applies to attacking to kill a pesky planeswalker like the infamous Narset, Parter of Veils.

    Narset, Parter or Veils

    There are two more topic I want to address before i sign off. First let’s talk about some weird inclusion in the deck and give them reason and then i’ll walk you through some of the changes you could make to make this list even more powerful.

    First off:
    Mishra’s Self Replicator.
    This expensive and seemingly garbage card is pretty efficient in some fringe cases. This thing with Ashnod’s Altar will net you a colorless mana every time you play an artifact. Believe it or not this card won me some games after my servos were wiped by a damnation.

    Memory Jar.
    Although expensive, your cost reducers might grant it for free if your late enough in your game plan. trust me exiling a hand of 12 lands to draw a fresh 7 and keep your engine going is an ecstatic feeling. It’s also a good way to use colorless mana to draw since our signature can only be cast with blue mana.

    Blinkmoth Urn
    Yet another 5 mana artifact but unlike the jar, this one is likely to be paid for. Although inefficient at this cost, the urn can let you go off one turn earlier with the slight mana boost on early turns. If you manage to play it on turn 4 for example with etherium sculptor and a couple artifact lands, you might get 4 to 6 mana; more than enough to win a couple turns earlier than planned.

    Mishra's Self Replicator Memory Jar Blinkmoth Urn

    Tron lands
    Like I said this build is the first iteration and i must admit i have no justification. During deck building I vastly underestimated the deck’s power and though it would take much longer to take off and give me time to (maybe) assemble the trio. I sent my decklist to my league organiser and didnt realise those lands would better off as islands.

    Urza's Mine Urza's Power Plant Urza's Tower

    Talking about lands, you may have noticed the deck is only running 2 mountains and if you’re wondering why, the only 2 cards costing red are Storm the Vault and Counterflux. the deck is essentially colorless but our signature thoughtcast requires blue mana to activate. Any mana that isn’t blue is far less useful; so much so that i would consider going down to 1 single Mountain and maybe even 0 if path to exile wasn’t such a staple.

    Alright lets put this as our first change I would make to our current list.
    Tron Lands -> Islands (or better)
    If you have the budget, i would consider Minamo, School at Water’s Edge simply because its a “better island” and on the off chance you get to untap your Vault of Catlacan (transform of Storm the Vault) you probably win on the spot.
    Same idea behind Shelldock Isle or any other blue land that you like although I wouldn’t use land that come into play tapped; after all every mana has the potential to become “Draw 2 Cards” so we don’t want to miss on this additional mana each turn. One thing is for sure, tron lands serve almost no purpose in this deck.

    Minamo, School at Water's Edge Shelldock Isle

    This is less of a direct change to make but I would add more and better mana rocks, notably: Grim Monolith, Mox Amber, and Mox Opal. These just fit our strategy perfectly, certainly more then other cards in the deck.
    Blinkmoth Urn is good but it’s too expensive and does nothing the turn you play it, our deck is looking to combo off in a single turn more or less.
    Blinkmoth Urn -> Grim Monolith
    Although Vedalken Orrery is a great card, it doesn’t really help our strategy and, like the Urn, does almost nothing the turn we play it.
    Vedalken Orrery -> Mox Opal
    Lastly Ichor Wellspring, Mishra’s Bauble, and Tormod’s Crypt are mostly there as cheap artifacts to help fuel the rest of the deck, any of them may be replaced but I personally am not a fan of the wellspring. Although it’s free most of the time due to the plethora of cost reducers, the rare case where you pay mana for it make it feel very awkward.
    Ichor Wellspring -> Mox Amber

    Mox Amber Mox Opal Grim Monolith

    One last change I want to propose before I end this deck tech.
    Counterflux was a very weird inclusion in this build, one that you might have noticed. Not only is it on of the only card requiring red mana but our deck very rarely keeps mana up on others people turns.
    Here are some card to consider to replace it.
    Personally, I feel a one-of counterspell is often almost useless, it’s almost never is in your hand when you need it and often forces you to take bad decision and keep mana up to counter instead of investing it in your ongoing combo. If you really want a counter spell to protect your combo from other counter magic, I suggest a one mana spell like Spell Pierce or Spell Snare (many good counterspells stand at 2 CMC). Personally I would use this free slot to include yet another cost reducing effect. Considering most of them are already in the deck, little choice remain but Cloud Key is still available and would do great. I completely forgot this card existed when I first built the list and am now redeeming my mistake and adding it to this list.
    Counterflux -> Cloud Key

    Cloud Key Spell Snare Spell Pierce

    On thing to keep in mind about Saheeli’s ability. Copying those cards will not work as intended as there enter-the-battlefield clause will not happen and will not yield the desired result. Do not copy: Cloud Key, Semblance Anvil, Everflowing Chalice, or Prototype Portal; they will not provide the desired effect. (Sorcerous Spyglass and Pithing needle will also not work, although those would serve very little purpose to copy even if rules worked that way)

    This deck is very fun to play and feels like you’re going infinite when in fact you are not; none of your more casual friends can complain about you going infinite. There might be an infinite loop in there but after 10 games I didn’t need it at all. One word of advice if you are going to play this Saheeli/Thoughtcast deck: Play it alone, test it, goldfish it, because when you’re around the table and fizzelling in the middle of your combo and realize your mistake, it feels really bad and no one is going to let you live a second turn to try again after all you did.
    In the end I hope you enjoy this deck tech and here’s hoping you give this monster of a deck a try.

    PS.: I didn’t write a segment to introduce myself as i am not a pro writer and don’t feel like an intro would hold much weight but if need be I can write one on a real article (a non-draft one)
    PPS.: There is a very real chance there are typos in there i read and reread myself but i am not a native English speaker and i have very little attention and tend to miss on some of my mistakes. Feel free to point them out, i will very gladly correct them.

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    Nice work! There are some minor changes to make to typos, but overall it looks fantastic! Especially considering you aren’t a native English speaker!

    I’m excited about the deck.

    I got in really late from my flight, but tomorrow we can work on getting this ready to publish on the blog!

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    I’ve edited it and put it in the blog post queue. If you head to the blog backend, you should be able to see it and further edit if needed. I added the embedded deck list and card mouseovers (whew!! that took a while). Could you provide me with a final decklist (After making the changes you proposed to the original deck). I’ll add that to the end.

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    i run a saheeli rai and fabricate. same wincon with altar of the brood but i tutor for it and liquimetal coating then go infinite. that leaves the rest of the deck for funsies. i went with an energy theme.

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