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    Although antibiotics can help cure the disease. But antibiotics are also a reasonable drug. Should not be used too much Because it can have a harmful effect on the body

    สมัครjoker has information from the Food and Drug Administration or the FDA to resolve questions in this matter.

    The disadvantages of taking antibiotics are uncommon. Or more than necessary
    Waste money for a reason

    The risk of drug allergy

    There may be side effects from drug use.

    May be at risk of drug resistance And causing more expensive drugs to be used Become more active More dangerous
    3 These diseases that go away on their own without antibiotics
    If it is diarrhea that is caused by a virus There is no need to take any antibiotics. You can take a sip of mineral water to replace the body water lost. Or, if you haven’t stopped taking the drug, activated Carrcoal can be taken.

    But if you have symptoms of bloody diarrhea, high fever or taking more than 7-10 times and still not stopping. You should consult your doctor immediately.

    Colds, sore throat
    Most of the time, more than 80% of colds are caused by viruses. As well as the green or yellow sputum symptoms (not clear), it cannot be concluded that a cold is caused by a bacterial infection.

    Colds don’t always need antibiotic treatment. It can be treated according to symptoms such as taking antihistamines, nasal congestion, cough syrup, etc., as well as getting enough rest, sipping warm water and warming the body. It will help the symptoms of cold gradually get better on their own.

    But if you have flu symptoms Together with sore throat, high fever, white blemishes on the tonsils Lymph nodes in the neck are enlarged and tender and do not have a cough, you should see a doctor.

    Bleeding wound
    If there are minor bleeding ulcers, there is no need to take any antibiotics. This is because antibiotics do not prevent common bleeding wound infections. And does not help the wound heal faster as well

    The correct way to treat a bleeding wound is to wash it properly. And keep the wound clean Do not allow the wound to come in contact with additional dirt. To reduce the risk of infection

    But if there are bleeding wounds caused by animal bites There is a cut from a dirty sharp object. Or being a patient with a underlying disease and then having a wound such as diabetes Should seek medical care for the wound properly.


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