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    “Too much friction on your bearings, your countersinking is inconsistent, and there are lines in your casting. Dispose of it, and begin again.” — Dovin Baan

    This quote from Dovin Baan helps explain a lot about this Oathbreaker deck. Mr. Baan is a very finicky vedalken, using his great intelligence and cunning to see any flaw that is made. Let’s see how I make Dovin Baan work in a control style.

    We’ll start with the Oathbreaker himself, Dovin, Hand of Control. Even though he is one of the uncommon planeswalkers, he makes a big deal by adding 1 mana to the cost of any non creature spell, while his -1 ability can keep a few big creatures at bay. His signature spell, Dovin’s Veto is very simple to use, and can counter non creature spells with ease while not being countered itself.

    Now we move to the lands and mana base. I have 10 of each basic land in Dovin’s colors (White and Blue), with Azorius Guildgate as my only tap land while Unknown Shores and Interplanar Beacon are also used with the latter helping me gain life when casting Dovin.

    I have very few creatures in the deck as per most control decks. Still, these can actually help as deal damage with cool effects. Daxos of Meletis is great for helping exile the top card of an opponent’s library, which helps also find more flaws for Mr. Baan to exploit.

    The other spells I have included that may help the are The Mirari Conjecture to help gain back instants and sorceries in the graveyard, among other cards that do similar, like Flood of Recollection; there are also combat tricks that save certain creatures for use again, like Rescue and Unsummon (usually for use with opponents).

    I hope that you enjoyed this deck as I did making it.  For more on this deck please comment and leave tips, how to make the deck better, etc.  Thank you.

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