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    Hi everyone!

    So, to me it seems like Oathbreaker, without massive bannings, will kind of always be a very fast, cutthroat format. I think that is a feature, not a bug!

    However, in order to keep it moderately under control, many fast mana cards have been banned – Sol Ring, Mana Crypt, Mana Vault, etc.

    Which leads to my question – why not ban all of them? Why leave Grim Monolith, Mox Diamond, Chrome Mox and Mox Opal?

    I think that set of 4 cards could lead to a lot of turn one and two combo decks. Narset Windfall is a lot meaner when you can play her turn one.

    But, perhaps I am overestimating their power. What does everyone else think?

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    I’m ok modeling after legacy until such a time that data presents more to work with.

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    I mostly agree with this, but with the inclusion of Mishra’s Workshop and possibly Ancient Tomb as well. The problem with modelling off legacy is that legacy is meant to be played with sideboards, not to mention without the 8th and 9th guaranteed cards in the command zone which make fast, all in strategies more consistent and rewarding. Having the extra cards also means that the added costs for Chrome Mox and Mox Diamond are largely mitigated, which is the same reason Lion’s Eye Diamond needed a ban. If we can’t play LED, why can we play Chrome Mox?

    Fast mana in the format right now is the primary reason why Oathbreakers above four mana are generally unplayable, except maybe Nicky B. Having to react to an OB in the first two turns warps the meta in a way that’s very unhealthy, and also limits creativity in building decks.

    The main reason why I support the ban of fast mana is because this is meant to be a fun casual format, and I take this to mean that one deck should not be able to go off and win before anyone else has the opportunity to cast their own OB. Such games are rarely ‘fun’. If everyone is playing at the same speeds, the format becomes a lot more universal from location to location. I currently never feel comfortable playing with someone I’ve never seen play before, because I don’t know if they’re prepared to deal with the kind of speed possible right now.

    I’m a spike that readily abuses these things, and will continue to play with them as long as they’re around, but I’d be happier if they were just banned.

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    I agree with all of this.

    I can understand that Chrome Mox stays legal, because it “costs” a card, which can be some kind of drawback in a singleton deck.
    Mox Opal is also borderline okayish, because you need to build a bit around it.
    City of Traitors should also be fine, because of the drawback it has.

    However, things like
    Ancient Tomb
    Mishra’s Workshop
    Grim Monolith
    Mox Diamond

    shouldn’t be legal at all when stuff like Sol Ring and other fast mana is banned.

    I’d like to hear some explainations why one half is banned, and the other isn’t. It speeds up the format, and makes it much more draw dependant when everyone plays at this levels. And you can’t realistically play cmc4+ Walkers in a meta like this.

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    I also agree in banning most of the fast mana, however id rather have the more accessible cards like Sol Ring be legal instead of the cards like workshop, or Grim monolith. While i think it shouldn’t hold a ton of weight in a banning i would think that its better for the format to be faster  for everyone and not just people who have the money or the cards. if this format  really takes off i don’t want to have to pay over $150 for a slightly worse sol ring.

    While i get that it is supposed to be fun, Casual, and Fast some fun decks, like Saheeli, Sublime Artificer and Thoughtcast are fairly consistent turn four decks. And what is stopping Oathbreaker from becoming a meta other than people wanting a casual playgroup, and like i said if it does become meta i’d rather pay $2 for a sol ring than $200 for a grim monolith.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Well… I don’t think accessibility should be concerned when banning cards. That’s just stupid.</p>
    Broken card a is fine because it costs 2$, broken card B should be banned because it costs 200$ is a stupid argument in my opinion. MtG is just expensive. So I inns casual EDH.

    If you think maybe all fastmana should be banned, and not only half the stuff, no matter the price I could agree to a degree, however where to put the line then? I can see an exception for Power 9 because colored mana without drawback is really broken.

    On the other hand, I disagree with Necro. The fastmana which is legal all have their drawbacks while cards like Sol Ring don’t, so maybe the list is fine with SoLoMoxen banned.


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    I hope I’m not necro-ing anything.

    Although the original article is from 2019.


    They recently announced that they were doing research into green mana ramp.
    My friend always tries to play strong decks, he won’t settle for less.
    And believe it or not, his favorite color is green :P.

    One of the decks he plays is a mono green Nissa deck with the signature spell Early Harvest. And god is that broken… Most of the times he can easily play his deck after resolving the Early Harvest.


    For me Early Harvest is a little like Mana Geyser. If you’re doing research into green ramp. Please take a look at Early Harvest and Gaea’s Cradle.

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