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    More than 2.8 million people worldwide suffer from meningitis today, thus bringing symptoms and prevention. Meningitis – Know first… treat it promptly.

    What is meningitis?
    Meningitis Caused by a viral infection Bacteria or fungi in the membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord, which cause inflammation and swelling, in some cases serious harm. If not treated promptly

    Initial symptoms
    Have a fever
    Blurred, unable to concentrate
    Cold hands and feet
    A rash on the body
    Symptoms in babies
    Not allowing it to be held or carried
    Cry loudly
    No appetite
    Head no

    Symptoms in children and adults
    Pain in the joints
    Photosensitivity or photosensitivity
    Neck pain, stiff neck
    Severe headache
    Wash your hands often
    Avoid eating Or drinking from the same water as someone else
    Get enough rest
    Eat a healthy diet.
    Exercise regularly

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