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    Did you know that mulberry or as we call it mulberry that your friends like to eat have many health benefits? Other than delicious Come find an answer with that How is mulberry good for your body with mulberry or mulberry – delicious and useful?

    Mulberry or mulberry
    Help with bowel movements
    Mulberries or mulberries are high in fiber, which helps the digestive system to function better. Reduce the risk of constipation.

    Make red blood cells
    Mulberry contains iron. Which contributes to the production of red blood cells Which results in more oxygen transport in the body And makes the metabolism work better as well

    Reduce the risk of heart disease.
    Mulberries and dark skinned berries Including grapes Contains resveratrol Which helps in reducing the formation of blood clots And reduce the risk of heart disease

    Reduce the risk of cancer.
    Mulberry contains antioxidants. Which antioxidants Contribute to reducing the risk of cancer.

    (Antioxidant Important for the body | foods high in antioxidants)

    Help with vision
    In mulberry Contains zeaxanthin Which has properties to help slow down the occurrence of macular degeneration as well as vitamin A in mulberry Also helps to nourish the eyes as well

    Reduce cholesterol
    Besides the fruit, mulberry leaves are also useful. Which drinking mulberry tea Can help in reducing cholesterol

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