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    As a new oathbreaker player I’m a little bit concerned about this interaction. I showed my friends what oathbreaker was and they already started playing it (I havent because of time constraints) in a 3 player group. One of them built his deck around this 2 cards and by what they talk, it seems he is able to pull pretty consistent wins through using elderspell to destroy other player’s oathbreakers and add the counters to Bolas to proceed and ultimate it. None of the other players are using blue/counterspells to the extent of my knowledge, but the elderspell being a 2 cmc card doesn’t seem to care that much about countermagic, specially in a grixis deck with a high land count. It seems to prevent this from happening other players have to focus on PW removal and I’m not sure all colors can afford to implement such strategies. As a side note, none of us have FoW or other countermagic that can be used while maximizing mana usage during one’s  turn.

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    I’ve played with and against Elderspell decks, and while the strategy is certainly decent, there IS a prerequisite boardstate that’s required for it to work. Also remember that NBDG himself just whiffs to legendary creatures, so most libraries have built in protection against that specific combo win.

    To win with NBDG, you need seven specifically colored mana in the form of BBBBBRU, two other planeswalkers in play, and no opponents who control legendary creatures. There are far easier and less conditional ways to win in Oathbreaker. The Elderspell works a lot better just as a control tool in B or B/x decks than as a win condition in its own right.

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    I could get behind supporting a ban on the Elderspell itself, but Dragon-god Ult is too weak a reason.

    Legendary Creatures 4 CMC or less


    There’s literally so many low mana cost legendary creatures that the strategy becomes ineffective almost immediately after that session. (Squee the Immortal is a particularly funny one I use with Electrodominance.) Now, Dragon-god does get other planeswalkers’ ults, and that might be broken.  (Jace, the Mind Sculptor comes to mind.) Even that would require them to recast their walkers, sacrificing multiple planeswalkers on the Dragon-god’s side of the field, or would require a means to take control of said planeswalkers after they die.


    Liliana, Dreadhorde General and Elderspell is probably a better reason to look into banning Elderspell.

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