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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>So as far as I am aware there is currently no rule or cards that allow the removal/destruction of a Planeswakers emblems.</p>
    Has there been any talk, consideration or developing of an Oathbreaker rule to allow cards that destroy a permanent to destroy emblems.

    I understand we could house rule it but my group was curious if it may be something you thought about.

    We have a couple decks that in our meta emblem rather quick with cards like Karn’s Bastion, Forge of Heros, and other proliferate effects.

    Just something we saw happening allot and thought we would ask, thanks.

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    "Yeah, so that happened"

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    For now, there’s no plans to stop emblems. It’s your reward for managing to make one!  Of course, house rule it all you want !  And write reports about why it’s good 🙂

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