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    Makeup brushes are many things. People often overlook Do not see the importance of cleanliness Despite the fact that Cleanliness of makeup brush It is very important – why you should wash your makeup brushes.

    Reasons to wash your makeup brushes
    Bacterial deposits
    If you’ve never cleaned your makeup brushes Your makeup brushes are a reservoir of bacteria and grime that can cause acne. And other skin problems that follow. Recommended to clean every day is best, but many girls may not have time to free every day. Recommend to clean at least once a week. For your own facial skin

    May cause skin irritation
    When you never wash your makeup brushes Since purchase This makes your bristles hard, rough and not soft like when you bought them. Also, bringing a dirt brush to make up every day It may irritate your face as a red rash. Or itching

    Most people tend to have different kinds of makeup, but usually only a few makeup brushes. Which you do not wash your makeup brushes at all It is also used with many color cosmetics. Will make the color obtained from makeup Distorted from the color it should be.

    Making cosmetics contaminated with bacteria
    When you use makeup brushes for a long time. Without washing Of course, your makeup brush will only contain bacteria. Which in addition to affecting the skin Also affect your beloved cosmetics as well Due to the bacteria from the dirty brush Can be contaminated with your makeup.

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