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    Richard Branson Loses Mother To Covid-19: Eve Branson, 96, Was A ‘Force Of Nature’ Who Taught Richard Not To Take Himself ‘Too Seriously’

    Billionaire Richard Branson has revealed that his mother, Eve Branson, died in the U.K. on Friday, after contracting Covid-19. She was 96.

    The founder of the Virgin group announced the news in a blog post Monday, offering condolences to those who have also lost relatives during the pandemic, adding, “t feels so strange that the person who has always been there for us, with such zest for life, is gone.”

    Branson describes his mother as having lived a remarkable life, a “force of nature” who “took glider lessons disguised as a boy” and “toured Germany as a ballet dancer.”

    Branson says that his mother passed with his sister Vanessa and his nephew Louis by her side, and paid tributes to the “‘wonderful nurses who she entertained with tales from her life and much laughter over glasses of whisky.” According to Branson, “she held on for one last victory, managing to fight off the virus, but had expended all of her energy in the process.”

    Mothership Eve

    The story of Sir Richard’s mother is very much a part of the Virgin’s story, and Branson credits his mother for (literally) finding the seed money to start Virgin back in the 1960s. In Monday’s blog post he recalled the now famous story of the “necklace lying on the road near Shamley Green,” handing it to the police and getting it back when the owner couldn’t be found. “She came up to London, sold the necklace and gave me the money,” he says, “Without that £100, I could never have started Virgin.”

    Branson adds that alongside his father, who passed in 2011, his parents, “[T]aught us the importance of hard work, of not taking yourself too seriously, of treating people how you wish to be treated, of entrepreneurship, and so much more.”

    Sir Richard’s mother founded the Eve Branson Foundation to help communities in Morocco set up their own businesses. Branson calls her a “tireless advocate for social empowerment and child welfare” in Morocco.

    Branson will (one day) put his mother’s name up in the stars. His Virgin Galactic spaceflight named its “mothership” VMS Eve. “She will always be my mothership, but she is also the proud grandmother of 11 and great-grandmother of 10, all of whom love her dearly and miss her greatly,” Branson said Monday.

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