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    Category: Budget(below $100)

    Deck List: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/1950083#paper

    Deck Tech: This freshly made deck since I obtained Teferi, Time Raveler as a birthday present a few days ago(May 23). I have only played it one time since then and I wasn’t able to get to do its full potential. I called the deck Teferi, Time to Mill-Draw-Win because i’m running a few mill cards like the likes of Psychic Corrosion because for every card i draw my opponents mill 2, and the new Jace, Wielder of Mysteries which I can tick up to make an opponent mill 2 and I draw a card. Draw because i’m running the likes of Brainstorm, Loyal Drake which makes me draw every combat step even if Loyal Drake is not attacking as long as I control my Commander\Oathbreaker, and i’m also running Bident of Thassa which whenever one of my creatures deals combat damage to a player I draw. I hope to win by just milling my opponents.

    Feel free to play it, test it, and tweak it as you wish.

    I would also like to know what would you remove or add, and feel free to comment.

    Thanks for Reading, Have an amazing day and keep on #Oathbreaking.


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