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    What would be a good sig spell for him?

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    Something I find quite interesting about the format is that we can change our mindset from building a deck around a general to building a deck around a spell.

    Which version of Sorin are you talking about? What do you want the theme/purpose of the deck to be? The answer to those questions will lead is to your Signature Spell.

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    I’d like to use new sorin. Till I get the hang of it I’ll prob be centering around the general for a while.

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    What do you want the deck to focus on? Reanimating things?

    How about something that helps get creatures into your graveyard? What about entomb

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    Recursion and lifelink I’m thinking.

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    Well, you’ve inspired me to want a Sorin/Entomb deck now.

    What do you want to recur? There are a lot of life link cards. Is you direction tokens and creatures with combat effects and lifelink? Or control lifelink?

    I currently think reanimating is the way to go, so I’m sticking with Entomb to fill the graveyard

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    Ya know I’m still not sure.  I got so many ideas and different decks I wanna build.

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