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Huatli Loves Big Butts and Cannot Lie

is just BEGGING to be used in a big butts deck. We want out creatures to go from 0/X zeros to X/X HEROES! How are ...
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Vivien, Champion of the Wilds – An INFECT-ious Oathbreaker Deck Tech – MTG

Oathbreaker!! A Commander variant format that is fun fun fun! Today is the choice of Oathbreaker as voted by you, my great MTG community! I'm ...
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Getting Into Oathbreaker!

Austin and Logan planeswalk to talk about how to get into Oathbreaker! You might be a fan of the format, or you may not have ...
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Decknology – Brewing Ugin the Ineffable / All is Dust with Combo (Video)

Oathbreaker has become so popular that I’ve been getting tons of requests to brew decks with people. I figured why not turn on the camera ...
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Sneak and Showdown

If you see this across the table, take the advice of the flavor text. Run and hide. For the uninitiated, Sneak and Show is a ...
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5 Devastating Duos: Misery Loves Company

Have you ever wanted to play a game knowing that you have a win condition in your Signature Spell slot? How about having the safety ...
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