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Wrenn and Six – Harbingers of Doom

While creating a video about my first impressions on Modern Horizons, I ended up stumbling bass-ackwards into a fun and slightly crazy combo using , ...
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Saheeli Solitaire: Fastest Deck in the Format

My last article talked about the power of , even when you aren't using the card to its fullest. That deck was Sneak and Show ...
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Top 10 Modern Horizons

Hello again, friends and Planeswalkers! Today, I'm excited to share with you my top 10 favorite cards of Modern Horizons! This is something I do ...
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Modern Horizons Top 5 Pick-Ups for Oathbreaker

"I Told You I Had an Oathbreaker!" Modern Horizons pre-release is this weekend, and oathbreakermtg.org can't let you go in unprepared. You've already read the ...
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Aminatou Miracle Ninja

can really go one of two ways, leaning on a STAX style deck that likes to blink for value, or a Miracles style deck with ...
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The Art of Banning

You may want to consider reading the Ban Philosophy as well. Who are we? The Oathbreaker rules committee is currently made of six players with ...
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