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Jace, Mirror Mage []//Jace's Triumph []

1x Aetherize
1x Aetherspouts
1x Arcane Denial
1x Atemsis, All-Seeing
1x Blink of an Eye
1x Body of Knowledge
1x Clone
1x Crush of Tentacles
1x Eligeth, Crossroads Augur
1x Ethereal Investigator
1x Faerie Vandal
1x Galestrike
1x Halimar Depths
1x Heart of Kiran
1x Inscription of Insight
20x Island
1x Jace, Mirror Mage
1x Jace's Erasure
1x Jace's Mindseeker
1x Jace's Phantasm
1x Jace's Projection
1x Jace's Triumph
1x Maddening Cacophony
1x Mind Sculpt
1x Mind Stone
1x Minn, Wily Illusionist
1x Mirror Image
1x Myriad Landscape
1x Nadir Kraken
1x Ominous Seas
1x Oneirophage
1x Opt
1x Prismatic Lens
1x Psychosis Crawler
1x Sage's Row Denizen
1x Sky Diamond
1x Sphinx's Tutelage
1x Teferi's Tutelage
1x Vantress Gargoyle
1x Whelming Wave
1x Wonder

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