Banned List Updates – July 2024

All cards that bring a sticker or an Attraction into the game are banned.

When Unfinity was first announced, we were very skeptical of the long term implications of forcing parody game design into the rest of the game. We considered multiple options on how to deal with them. Outright banning the set or modifying our comprehensive rules to nullify them would be an awkward niche hurdle for players to get in to Oathbreaker. Individually listing them on our banned list would more than double it in size, and we would like our banned list to be as small as possible. In the end we decided to let it play out and see how it went.

With Wizards acknowledging the issues the mechanics present and fully removing them from other formats, we were presented with an option to follow suit and cleanly remove them from legality in Oathbreaker. We’re happy that interesting cards like [Comet, Stellar Pup] and [Saw in Half] are able to remain with this option. We’re excited/looking forward to Foundations and our next announcement will be at the end of 2024.

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