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Gideon, Champion of Justice []//Gideon's Triumph []

1x Always Watching
1x Arcane Signet
1x Basri Ket
1x Blighted Steppe
1x Bushi Tenderfoot
1x Crawling Barrens
1x Desert
1x Doomed Traveler
1x Elite Inquisitor
1x Elite Vanguard
1x Fencing Ace
1x Fountain of Renewal
1x Gideon, Champion of Justice
1x Gideon's Avenger
1x Gideon's Triumph
1x Glorious Anthem
1x Guardians' Pledge
1x Haazda Marshal
1x Heraldic Banner
1x Honor of the Pure
1x Hostile Desert
1x Hunted Witness
1x Keen-Eared Sentry
1x Martial Coup
1x Memorial to Glory
1x Militia Bugler
1x Mobilization
1x Painted Bluffs
11x Plains
1x Precinct Captain
1x Radiant Destiny
1x Raise the Alarm
1x Rally the Ranks
1x Resistance Squad
1x Ritual of Hope
1x Sanctuary Lockdown
1x Scavenger Grounds
1x Search Party Captain
1x Sejiri Steppe
1x Shefet Dunes
1x Soldier of the Pantheon
1x Spear of Heliod
1x Sun Droplet
1x Sungold Sentinel
1x Thraben Inspector
1x Tithe Taker
1x Tocatli Honor Guard
1x Veteran Armorer
1x Veteran Armorsmith
1x Veteran Swordsmith

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