Rules Committee Update Oct 2022

The Past Year

It has been a while since we have posted an update.  For this we apologize.  As fans of the format, anyone reading this article wants to know that Oathbreaker is continuing to be supported and playtested.

Much has changed for the Rules Committee, but we maintain our commitment to Oathbreaker! We still love and play the format we enjoy most.  

No Banned List Changes

Part of the reason we haven’t had much to report on in the last year is that, despite all of the new cards that have come out, nothing has presented itself as a problem in Oathbreaker.  That is not to say that there aren’t plenty of new powerful cards to play with.  However, nothing from these new sets is any more powerful than decks and combos that already existed.  We continue to maintain that we would like to keep the banned list down to as few cards as possible, and allow individual play groups to have the Rule 0 discussion before playing games.  

New Planeswalkers

Dominaria United Commander gave us Planeswalkers in new color combinations.  We were all very excited when we saw this, and have already begun playing them.  This opens up several new combinations of cards. Too many to mention here! Nothing seems deserving of any emergent action on our part, so we will address any concerns at our next update.  


The legality of Unfinity cards caused an equal amount of debate amongst the Oathbreaker Rules Committee as it did for the Commander Rules Committee.  At the end of that debate, this is where we currently stand as far as Unfinity cards go.  

-Non-Acorn cards are legal in Oathbreaker because they are Vintage legal cards

-Stickers are legal.  Our understanding is that there will be an online tool to generate them if you need them.  You may only sticker cards you own.  

-Attractions exist in a game zone, and therefore work as written.  

Next Update

The rules committee believes that Oathbreaker is in a healthy place overall.  This is a large part of the reason why our updates have become fewer than when we were first developing the format.  We know that the community wants to know that we are continuing to be active and engaged in the Magic community as a whole.  We plan on our next update to be April/May of 2023.

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