Oathbreaker for New Capenna


I’m Rob McKenzie, aka Judge Rob, and I’m here to chat about the new Oathbreakers and some cool spells from New Capenna. I recently appeared on GLHF to talk with Meghan and Maria about Oathbreaker taking to the Streets. I've also included some words for you to read under the video. 

New Oathbreakers

Ob Nixilis, the Adversary []

Ob Nixilis, aka Mob Nixilis to his cronies, is a super cool new Oathbreaker.  He does a bunch of things, sometimes two of them at the same time.

First, he breaks up pressure/removal.  His casualty X gives you a second planeswalker for your opponents to remove and attack, which splits up where their removal is going for any targeted removal spells they are casting.  Do note that the token copy isn’t your Oathbreaker, so it does not let you cast your signature spell!

Second, he pressures all opponents at the same time.  His +1 clocks the whole table, all at once, so you can use him plus his casualty copy to really close out a game, 4 life at a time.

Third, he makes blockers.  The 1/1s are a little anemic, but they defend just fine against a lot of different threats.

Fourth, he draws you SO many cards.  If you have a big enough creature, like a Rotting Regisaur [], he can immediately cash in the copy for a full hand.  Creatures like Promise of Power []

I’m planning to put together an Vivien on the Hunt []

Vivien on the Hunt [] is a gorgeous Magic card, both in sartorial choices and on the battlefield.

She can either get you bulk creatures with her +1, or a single valuable creature with her +2.  I plan to combine her with a bunch of creatures with enters-the-battlefield triggers like Eternal Witness [].

Once and Future []

My pick for a signature spell is the amazing Once and Future [].  You will always have Adamant on this, so it is just returning any two cards from your graveyard to your hand.  You get to either rebuy noncreatures milled by Vivien, or rebuy your best flexible cards she upgraded, all at instant speed.  The “exile this” drawback is also totally undone by the return to the Command Zone!

Elspeth Resplendent []

Elspeth is a pretty unique and new Oathbreaker.

Her +1 isn’t breaking a ton of new ground, but permanent buffs, especially flying, are pretty valuable.

Her -3 is where the truly fascinating action is at.  You can spin up your own bogle, or put an aura on a creature, or make a noncreature artifact.  It hits lands, so even if you “miss” it is just ramping you.

Damning Verdict []

The New Capenna Commander set has the perfect backup card for Elspeth - she can protect your creatures cleanly from Damning Verdict [] while it mops up blockers that would get in your way.

Cool Cards

Luxior, Giada’s Gift []

This is obviously the coolest card.  Any Oathbreaker can be Gideon, and you can have one of the super high starting loyalty walkers like Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner [] really lay some hurt on people for pretty cheap.

Scheming Fence []

This is great removal for Oathbreakers in Azorius, with some other interesting flexibility packed in.  It leaves the Oathbreaker on the battlefield so they are stuck until they kill the Fence, and blocks to save your Oathbreaker or attacks a third Oathbreaker for value the whole time.

In Too Deep []

I love this card, and the strange line of “Enchant Clue” it has.  Unstoppable cheap and flexible removal that feels reasonably fair by giving back a card or being disenchantable.

Lethal Scheme []

This is far and away my favorite signature spell in the set.

Convoke lets you pay the command tax in addition to the normal costs, so you can oftentimes cast this as soon as you cast your Oathbreaker.  Great flexible removal that draws you cards and can buff your creatures.