Banned list update 12.17.2021 – No changes

While there are no changes to the banned list, we are excited to announce two new members of the committee! Nikki & Zack have been exploring Oathbreaker and assisting MagiKids. They have been running the MagiKids website and Weirdcards YouTube channel. Even though they are just joining the committee now, they have been part of our mission for years.

First up, Nikki, someone that enjoys burn enough to own *checks notes* 12 Chandra decks:

"First and foremost, my vision for Oathbreaker is a fast, interactive, and creative format, one where you're just as likely to be able to win a game with a controlling value-oriented deck, as you are with a low to the ground aggressive one. One of the ways I think this goal can best be met is by not being gun-shy when it comes to banning value cards that tip the scale a little to far in one direction, whilst still leaving room for those decks to still be competitive and fun, no one wants their pet card or play style banned.

I'm a player with an overwhelming focus on efficiency and pressure, my favorite card is easily Skullclamp, I own more copies of Bolt than I can count, and I think that's the edge I bring to the group. My playstyle is hyper-aggressive, I force the players around me to play at my pace or risk dying before they can get their engines started. I think that pressure will help us keep an even read on if glass-combo decks are getting out of control, or if a card can be pushed to the limits of being overly-dominant."

Next, we have Zack, someone that appreciates keeping the format accessible and open at all power levels:

"As a member of the RC, I hope to promote the format experiences as I found it years ago at a workroom lunch table: a casual, multiplayer format that is welcoming to all skill levels. In short, there have been many times where I tried to play different formats more seriously and I've found that it just wasn't for me. The most enjoyable part of Magic for me, is the time I get to spend with friends playing casual formats."

We're all excited to see what the future has in store and to continue growing Oathbreaker as a committee. Bringing in these two differing perspectives at the same time will provide an even better understanding of what Oathbreaker is and what it can be. Our next announcement will be February 10th. Until then, we would love it if you checked out the first ever Oathbreaker Starter Decks made by MagiKids. For a $100 donation after 12/20/21 you can kick off the new year with some preconstructed Oathbreaker fun. (while supplies last - shipping after 1/3/22 - USA only)

If you are interested in learning more about our newest members, or congratulating them on their new position, they can be found on Twitter: @slashdeance & @coffey_z. Returning members can be found @oathbreakerJosh on Twitter and u/MagicManRandySavage on Reddit.