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Getting into Oathbreaker

By Michael S | @ServerMonkey So, you want to get started with Oathbreaker? For those still new to Magic, it might be more than a ...
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Banned List Update – May 2023

Oathbreaker Banned List Update May 2023  Gifts Ungiven is unbanned It’s Official! First we would like to thank all of our fellow Oathbreakers everywhere who ...
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Rules Committee Update Oct 2022

Oathbreaker Rules Committee Oct 2022 Update The Past Year It has been a while since we have posted an update. For this we apologize. As ...
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Oathbreaker for New Capenna

Greetings! I'm Rob McKenzie, aka Judge Rob, and I'm here to chat about the new Oathbreakers and some cool spells from New Capenna. I recently ...
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Banned list update 12.17.2021 – No changes

While there are no changes to the banned list, we are excited to announce two new members of the committee! Nikki & Zack have been ...
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Banned List Update – Oct 22

is Unbanned We have finished our testing of . In all of the decks that we played it in, there were many opportunities to interact ...
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An Interview with An Oathmaker

    I am escorted to an impressive study, walled by books and Magic paraphernalia. I take a seat in ...
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Oathbreaker Starter Decks: Build Your Own Battlebox

Question: What happens when you tell one of the creators of Oathbreaker about Project Oathbuilder? What happens if this creator ...
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An Eggcellent Interview

Thanks for joining us as we talk with Jason of Weirdcards. We hope you have fun, learn something, get motivated ...
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Tips for New Players: Deck Building

It looked super interesting. You read the rules. Your brew bones are literally twitching from a of ideas. Now, you ...
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The Art of Banning

You may want to consider reading the Ban Philosophy as well. Who are we? The Oathbreaker rules committee is currently ...
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