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Banned List Update: 04/24/2020

Banned: Unbanned: Nothing at this time The testing from led to games that were very noninteractive.  The most oppressive of which were from the combination ...
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IKORIA – In a world of monsters, Jeskai’s the limit : Companion Rulings

Hello Oathbreakers! The new set brings some awesome and powerful cards and mechanics to the world of Magic. Today we'd like to talk about some ...
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Oathbreaker Intro Box: Gideon of the Trials

Welcome back to the Oathbreaker battlebox series! Since we are returning to Theros this weekend, it only seemed appropriate for the next article in our ...
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Banned List update: 1/10/20

No changes (but keep reading)1/10/2020 The Oathbreaker Rules Committee has not decided to make any changes to the ban list at this time. However we ...
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The Grinch Builds Oathbreaker

Imagine the Grinch’s first foray into celebrating the Christmas season. He’d probably know to give gifts, but what kind of gifts would he give? The ...
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Oathbreaker for Guy Fawkes Day!

I have always had a certain fondness for Guy Fawkes Day. Being an American and a millennial, I'm pretty sure the closest I'm going to ...
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