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The Grinch Builds Oathbreaker

Imagine the Grinch’s first foray into celebrating the Christmas season. He’d probably know to give gifts, but what kind of gifts would he give? The ...
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Oathbreaker for Guy Fawkes Day!

I have always had a certain fondness for Guy Fawkes Day. Being an American and a millennial, I'm pretty sure the closest I'm going to ...
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I’m going on adventure!

Let's cut straight to the chase. No, you cannot use an Adventure as your Signature Spell. Throne of Eldraine introduced a new subtype of instants ...
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How To Choose Your Signature Spell

When discussing Oathbreaker, the Signature Spell is a popular topic. What are the best Signature Spells? With access to almost every instant and sorcery in ...
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Oathbreaker Intro Box: Liliana, Untouched By Death

New formats can be exciting to get into. They open up a whole world of new Deck building options and give homes to cards that ...
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Banned List – Oct 11

Stays Free On our August 2nd announcement, we released into the wild. We are happy to see that the power level displayed in testing has ...
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