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BudgetBreaker: Nahiri’s Song of Steel

What's going on Oathbreakers!? We are back with a brand new BudgetBreaker Deck, and this is one I have been wanting to do for ages! ...
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Banned List – August 2

Oathbreaker has had an influx of a large number of new Planeswalkers with static abilities. The format has also grown substantially in popularity since our ...
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Oaths and Emblems- Episode 6- M20 Signature Spells

https://oathsandemblems.podbean.com/e/oaths-and-emblems-episode-6-m20-signature-spells/ In this episode, Pete and Nick talk about some of their new games with their oathbreaker decks. The episode mostly focuses on what signature ...
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Budget Oathbreaker – Windgrace’s Exploration

Hello there I'm Linkguy. I'm a big commander player who has recently gotten into Oathbreaker. My goal is to build fun and inexpensive Oathbreaker decks, ...
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Core 2020: TOP 5 For Oathbreaker!

THE SALT OF MY OPPONENTS FLOWS BEFORE ME The hype train never stops and neither do we. Wow, it feels like it hasn't even been ...
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Oaths and Emblems Interview the OathFather

In this Episode, Pete and Nick get to sit down and interview one of the founders of Oathbreaker, the Oathfather himself, Mr. Levi Hartman. We ...
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