BudgetBreaker: Nahiri’s Song of Steel

What’s going on Oathbreakers!? We are back with a brand new BudgetBreaker Deck, and this is one I have been wanting to do for ages! Nahiri, Storm of Stone paired with Open the Armory is a super fun way start swinging steal at your opponents!

Boros doesn’t naturally come with a lot of love, but I’m convinced in Oathbreaker, Nahiri says otherwise. With Nahiri reducing the equip costs of all of our weaponry, we can power up our creatures and smash face! Nahiri also won’t turn a blind eye to our opponents tapped creatures, as her minus ability, is able to shoot them down!

What’s better than casting creatures with double strike, flying, vigilance, trample, and mentor and equipping them up with steel!? For the first time, I was no longer breaking Oaths but instead keeping them. #Oathkeeper

For more on this fun and competitive Oathbreaker deck, make sure to check out the video posted below!

Catch you guys on the next installment of BudgetBreakers!