Wrenn and Six – Harbingers of Doom


While creating a video about my first impressions on Modern Horizons, I ended up stumbling bass-ackwards into a fun and slightly crazy combo using , a new Planeswalker revealed in Modern Horizons. In this article, I’ll explain how the combo works, then give my list for this deck. Be warned, this list it not yet optimized. I do feel that it has a fair chance of doing well.

The core combo revolves around Wrenn and Six’s +1 ability to return up to one target land from our graveyard to our hand. We want to pair with Crop Rotation [] as our Signature Spell. Crop Rotation [] allows us to sacrifice a land in order to grab a land from our deck and put it on the battlefield. Sacrificing a land isn’t a big deal, since we have Wrenn and Six to get it back. The ability to swap lands out for better lands will give us huge advantages against our opponents.

We will want to take advantage of the London Mulligan in order to make sure we can play Wrenn and Six on turn two. Appropriately colored dual lands are ideal, but not a necessity. We are happy to have a fetch land in our opener as we can recur it with W&6. As long as we have a Forest and a Mountain by turn two, this combo is set.

This looks innocent enough

Once Wrenn and Six are on the battlefield, we use an open green mana to grab Thespians Stage [] with . Play a second green mana source from our hand, or use Wrenn and Six to retrieve the one we sacrificed for Crop Rotation. We should now have an open green and red mana source as well as Thespian’s Stage. Tap out to play Crop Rotation again, this time using it to grab Dark Depths []. Since Crop Rotation is an instant, we can wait to do this at the end of our opponents’ turn to help avoid land destruction, countermagic, or getting hated out of the game. But really, who is going to kill us? It’s only turn three!

This feels fair.

Once we have both Dark Depths and Thespian’s Stage, we can use Thespian’s Stage’s ability to copy Dark Depths and cheat out Marit Lage on turn four. We now have a 20/20 indestructible flier, plus an ability to easily get her back in two turns if she is bounced or exiled. If we’re lucky, we may also have a Reckless Charge [], Cartouche of Zeal [], or Maximize Velocity [] that we can use to give her haste and take out one of our opponents the same turn she hits the battlefield.

Check out the deck list below for my full build. If you want to know my thoughts on the rest of Modern Horizons in regards to Oathbreaker, check out my video on the subject. It also includes a chance to win one of my rare or mythic pulls from the set, so if you want Wrenn and Six you have a shot at doing so!