Decknology – Brewing Nahiri The Harbinger / Armageddon (Video)

I’m back again with a new brewing session video! This time I’m joined by Legacy Technologist Steven Hendrickson to build a Boros Stax deck. For this version, Steven chose Nahiri, the Harbinger [] and the signature spell of Armageddon []. Yes, it’s true, Steven hates fun!

Equipped with the search function of our deck builder and our massive brains, we thoroughly examined lock pieces and strategies for the deck. We also looked at some cards that have particularly relevant applications in the Oathbreaker format. If you’re ready for truth-bombs and the beauty of deck crafting, click play on the video above. If you prefer the I “just label your music”, here’s a decklist.


 If you’d like to brew a deck with me, add me on Twitter and DM me your idea for a pair. All you need is a webcam, a mic, and passion (or at least a pulse). Thanks for watching!

<3 Medina