The Mighty Ral, Storm Conduit (Competitive)

The Mighty Ral Thumbnail
Whosoever wields this deck if they be worthy…shall possess the power of Ral!

While we at want to foster a fun environment, we reluctantly acknowledge that certain people experience fun in different ways. For some players, it’s resolving a hulking monstrosity and smashing face. For others, it’s combo-ing off as soon as possible. 

Presented for your judgement is an electrifying and “competitive” Oathbreaker deck that’s sure to shock your opponents and make them bolt out the door. Are you worthy? Here comes The Mighty Ral, Storm Conduit []!

Ral Storm Conduit []//Fury Storm []

1x Ancient Tomb
1x Arid Mesa
1x Baral, Chief of Compliance
1x Bloodstained Mire
1x Bonus Round
1x Brainstorm
1x Chrome Mox
1x Dig Through Time
1x Echo of Eons
1x Faithless Looting
1x Fiery Islet
1x Fireblast
1x Flooded Strand
1x Flusterstorm
1x Foil
1x Force of Negation
1x Force of Will
1x Forge of Heroes
1x Frantic Search
1x Gitaxian Probe
1x Grim Monolith
1x Gush
5x Island
1x Jeweled Amulet
1x Misty Rainforest
4x Mountain
1x Mox Diamond
1x Pact of Negation
1x Past in Flames
1x Polluted Delta
1x Ponder
1x Preordain
1x Prismatic Vista
1x Pyretic Ritual
1x Pyrokinesis
1x Scalding Tarn
1x Seething Song
1x Semblance Anvil
1x Shivan Reef
1x Simian Spirit Guide
1x Snapcaster Mage
1x Spell Pierce
1x Spirebluff Canal
1x Steam Vents
1x Talisman of Creativity
1x Time Spiral
1x Timetwister
1x Treasure Cruise
1x Volcanic Island
1x Wheel of Fortune
1x Wooded Foothills
1x Ral, Storm Conduit
1x Fury Storm