What cards should round out the Top 5?

The results are in from our banned-list poll, and we have a top 4– I mean 3! It’s time to break the ties and determine the rest of the “Top 5 Oathbreaker Banned List Cards You Want to Know About”.

These are the cards that you want to know about the most.

  1. Primeval Titan []
  2. Griselbrand []
  3. Emrakul, the Aeons Torn []
  4. Saheeli, the Gifted [] (already answered here , so we need a new #4)
  5. ???

The cards listed below were more or less tied in votes. What should 4 and 5 be? What do you want the Rules Committee to talk about in their next article? Help us round out the “Top 5 Oathbreaker Banned List Cards that YOU want to know more about”