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What the MTG Finance Speculators Don’t Understand about Oathbreaker

Oathbreaker is in a unique position where, as a burgeoning format, not all the decks are ‘solved’ and consequently it flies under the radar of ...
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Narset, Parter of Veils//Day’s Undoing – Deck Tech Video

Greetings again, friends and Planeswalkers! Kel here (also known as RedZoneMTG on YouTube and Twitter). Today, I have a deck tech featuring the dreaded !When ...
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Project Oathbuilder

WOW! There have been so many Oathbreaker decklists flying around the internet recently that it's almost impossible to catch 'em all. You have inspired us! ...
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Oathbreaker and Why You Should Be Playing It!

Greetings friends and Planeswalkers! My name is Kel (also known as RedZoneMTG on YouTube and Twitter) and I'm very excited today to share with you ...
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The Pros and Cons of Oathbreaker

Hello, fellow Oathbreakers! This is the first installment in my series of Oathbreaker Articles. You may be asking yourself: Who is this guy? What is ...
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An Interview with An Oathmaker

    I am escorted to an impressive study, walled by books and Magic paraphernalia. I take a seat in a well-loved dark brown leather ...
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