Ral Storm Conduit Storm Combo of Stormy Stormness – Deck Tech + Video

Hey nerds, I’m Chesh and some of you will know who I am from Wizard’s Streamer Showdown series or my C18 preview card Geode Golem [], but today I come to you fresh-faced and humble. New and baby like. Newly born by OATHS of the masters! I mean, I guess I just found Oathbreaker, started brewing and jamming and know I’m so on-board that I would need a life raft to get off.

But you didn’t come here to hear my prattling on about this amazing new format that we’ve all fallen in love with. You want a fresh deck tech, right?

Ral Storm Conduit [] has so many ways you can abuse him and fits well in almost any UR Spells Matter style deck, but I decided to straight up jam him into Storm…. IT’S IN HIS NAME! So what does Ral even do? Well, that static ability that deals one damage to any opponent or Planeswalker when you cast or copy an instant or sorcery is nice. Let that sink in for a moment. Yes, it says COPY. That your ten stack Grapeshot [] of yours? Its doing TWENTY damage because of the copy versions interacting with Ral.

Sure, Ral can +2 to scry, but the minus 2 is just pure GAS. Minus 2 to copy the next instant or sorcery spell. Stop! Don’t reach for all those extra turn cards! DON’T DO IT! We don’t want to be the most hated player in our group, so we left out all those gross “take an extra turn” cards. Sure, you could run a Fork [] as your Signature Spell to be even meaner, but we don’t want a turn 5 win.

I mean, we don’t WANT a turn five win, because we want to play, but we do want to win. We have a panic button. Ral’s minus 2 is great to copy stuff, so we have a copy of DoubleCast [] and a copy of Expansion-Explosion [] in the deck, should we NEED to hit that panic button and win the game in an infinite loop. Ral’s Static ability allows us to keep on pinging as new copies of Expansion go on the stack.

But we’re storm, and what storm deck would be complete without A Thousand Year Storm []? Considering we need to generate a heap of mana to play our spells, a well timed ritual spell is perfect for spitting out a lot of red mana for us to play stuff. Though it may only be red mana, we can then play our copy of Past in Flames [] to keep on casting all of our red spells from the graveyard and all of the copies trigger our good ol’ pal Ral.

We also have Sentinel Tower [] that runs on the same premise of increasing damage from casting spells, Aetherflux Reservoir [] to gain a heap of life for each spell we cast (possibly just killing the table!) and Bonus Round [] also allows us to copy our spells. This can all lead to one massive blowout turn.

Last but not least, there is a massive bunch of ways to draw cards in this list, so check out the decklist below for all of the sweet Storm action that Ral is serving!