Decknology – Brewing Ugin the Ineffable / All is Dust with Combo (Video)

Oathbreaker has become so popular that I’ve been getting tons of requests to brew decks with people. I figured why not turn on the camera and capture the process. In this installment, I sit down with David Gian to talk about building a colorless Oathbreaker deck with Ugin, the Ineffable [] at the helm. To finish off the pairing we’ve selected All is Dust [] as our signature spell. 

This deck uses sol-lands and artifact ramp to power out an unreasonably fast Ugin. From there, you can take over the board with All is Dust and a few key fatties. The deck also has a few ways to combo out with some infinite mana shenanigans. In the video above, check out our card choices, combos, and the rationale we used to put them together! Alright, are you ready for a decklist? Here you go!


If you’d like to brew a deck with me, add me on Twitter and DM me your idea for a pair. All you need is a webcam, a mic, and passion (or at least a pulse). Thanks for watching!

<3 Medina