You can allow for the card image to show with a mouseover in your blog posts. You do this with three inputs: name, card, set. The name must be “mouseover”. The card is the card name. The set is the three letter set code. The set input is optional. In the code below, you will need to use brackets instead of {}

{sc name="mouseover" card="Tarmogoyf" set="MMA"}
Tarmogoyf [MMA]
 {sc name="mouseover" card="Tarmogoyf" set="FUT"} 
Tarmogoyf [FUT]
 {sc name="mouseover" card="Tarmogoyf"} 
Tarmogoyf []

You can also do this with the HTML code:

You need to use the customhtml module.

Typing in the code

<span class=”mtgcard”>card name</span>

will allow a mouseover image of the card, assuming you spelled the name correctly.

You can even get a specific version by adding the three letter set code.

<span class=”mtgcard”>card name [xxx]<span>

For example, the code

<span class=”mtgcard”>Serra Angel [M10]</span>

will give you the M10 image of Serra Angel [M10]

or my favorite card: Phyrexian Obliterator