Oathbreaking From 2020

There is no denying that 2020 was a rough year, but it is also one we can soon put behind us. That’s why I and many others in the Oathbreaker community decided to start 2021 right with a special event: Oathbreaking Away From 2020.

Signature Spellbomb does an excellent job covering the basics in their video here. But today I want to get into more detail about the schedule and participants, to let you know what to expect. 

More than 20 participants will be streaming for approximately 30 hours from 1/1/21 through 1/3/21, spread out across eight twitch channels!

The event opens at 3:00 PM EST on Jeremy Rowe’s Twitch, where he will be hosting Alex Enders of The Oathbreaker Thoughtcast, Kristen Gregory from Card Kingdom, and AE Marling from Coolstuff Inc.

Starting at 6:00 PM EST, Jordan Hanson from the LevDev Youtube Channel will be hosting Colton Webster, AE Marling, and Myself on his Twitch.

Closing the first night is Seth Cross of Praetor Gaming, who is hosting Signature Spellbomb, Ornithology Games, and Josh from the Oathbreaker RC! That can be found on the Praetor Gaming Twitch.

We return to the Unsummoned Skull Twitch channel at 12:00 PM EST Saturday, where he is joined by a returning AE Marling, as well as Joshua Swope and Nikki Roy, the General Manager of Magikids!

Jeremy and Nikki keep streaking at 3:00 PM EST, joined by Ornithology Games and Alex Enders!

At 6:00 PM EST, Alex Kessler of the Masters of Modern Podcast takes over the stream on his Twitch, where Nikki will be starting their third block of streaming. They are joined by Signature Spellbomb and Angelo “The Jesguy” Guerrera of EDHREC.

Seth Cross closes out the night again on the Praetor Gaming Twitch, this time joined by Joshua Swope, myself, and CoffeyGroundz, manager of the Weirdcards Youtube channel!

The action picks back up at 12:00 PM EST on Sunday, 1/3/21 with ALK Alters starting the stream on his Twitch with returning panelist Ornithology Games, Stacy Winchell from the Oathbreaker RC, and Josh Nelson from Bleeding Cool.

Evan Brando of Rectify Gaming picks up the stream at 3:00 PM EST on his channel, The Brando Show. He is joined by returning players Signature Spellbomb, Alex Enders, and myself!

Our penultimate time slot is hosted by returning panelist Angelo Guerra on his Twitch. AE Marling returns, alongside Travis Norman from Hipsters of the Coast, and Oathbreaker enthusiast, Lauren, the Technicolor Mime.

AE and Lauren stick around for our grand finale, hosted by Colin O’Clock on his Twitch, alongside Gatewatcher of the Gatewatcher MTG Youtube Channel.

While we will be taking donations during the stream, you don’t have to wait! Please feel free to donate to Magikids now and save your donation receipt. Feel free to write “Oathbreaking Away from 2020” in the notes on your donation, and keep an eye out for more details about the event in the coming weeks!