Top 8 Planeswalkers to Brew Around for Oathbreaker!

Hey everyone! Matt here from TOTALmtg and today I give you my Top 8 Planeswalkers to brew around for the great format that is OATHBREAKER!!!! Now with sooooooo many Planeswalkers to choose from in Magic, cutting my list to just 8 potential Oathbreakers is going to be hard, but it’s the task I set for myself!

Like I mentioned in the video, what I would like all you lovely Oathbreaker fans to do is comment with what you think would make the perfect Signature Spell for each of the Oathbreakers I picked to brew around. I can’t wait to hear your ideas for the decks. Who knows, your picks may feature on a future video! Sit back and enjoy the video and let the brewing commence!!