BudgetBreaker: Vraska’s Call – Deck Tech Video

Greeting fellow planeswalkers! Welcome to BudgetBreakers, where we build fun and competitive decks for under $50. With today’s deck, we’re looking at Vraska, Swarms Eminence [] paired with Inspiring Call [].

Having played this format over the last year, I often times found myself thinking that the best decks require the most expensive and powerful cards. With many of those decks turned into videos on YouTube, I received many questions about how I could decrease the cost of the deck. In order to find these answers, I set a total budget of $50 and set out to build a deck that is both enjoyable to play and has the ability to win games. The first deck we arrived upon is the Golgari Majesty herself, Vraska Swarm’s Eminence.

With Vraska’s static ability, I knew we had to set out to find the best creatures with Deathtouch while trying to stay within budget. The deck is naturally very creatue heavy, but we leave room for additional value through Hardened Scales [] and removal to pave the way to wins! Make sure to watch for additional details on the deck!

Catch you guys next time for the next installment of BudgetBreakers!