Welcome Planeswalker!

Oathbreaker has been gaining some serious traction in the Magic world. We decided to give it an easy-to-find home on the web to help it reach all parts of the multiverse. The site is hosted at www.oathbreakermtg.org (but www.oathbreakermtg.com works, too!)

This format owes it’s origins to the fine folks over at weirdcards.org. Give them a visit! They are doing awesome things.

Use the comments to tell us how we can best meet your Oathbreaker needs.

We will be adding new content to this site soon, including articles about decks. If you would like to help with this content creation, let us know!

2 thoughts on “Welcome Planeswalker!”

  1. Hi, friends!
    I’ve been jamming a bunch of Oathbreaker at my LGS – pur local crowd really seems to love it – and I would love to help make content for you guys! Feel free to drop me an e-mail!

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