Oathbreaker and Why You Should Be Playing It!

Greetings friends and Planeswalkers! My name is Kel (also known as RedZoneMTG on YouTube and Twitter) and I’m very excited today to share with you my very first Oathbreaker video!

I was immediately enthralled with the format from the moment I learned about it – 60 card singleton with a Planeswalker at the helm, multiplayer with 20 life, oh man and dat Signature Spell! If none of that makes sense to you, don’t fret – the following video aims to alleviate just that! It is a quick 5 min video covering rules, deck construction and offering a glimpse at some spicy deck possibilities. Watch onward to learn more about the awesome format of Oathbreaker!

Stay tuned for more Oathbreaker videos! Coming soon!