Project Oathbuilder

WOW! There have been so many Oathbreaker decklists flying around the internet recently that it's almost impossible to catch 'em all. You have inspired us! Let's get a bunch of those list here. If you've made one, and it fits the criteria below, could you do us a favor and grab the link and send it over?


Mission: To expand the love and popularity of Oathbreaker by creating a database of entry level (low cost) decks that are fun to play and powerful enough to hold their own at their first Oathbreaker game.

Criteria: The deck may fall into one of two categories. Starter (Under $30) or Budget (Under $100).

Please posts your decks in this forum with the subject "POB--Deck Title: Oathbreaker//Signature Spell".

Post in the following format:

Deck: Deck Title: Oathbreaker//Signature Spell

Category: starter or budget

Designer: optional

Deck List: (either list out the cards or provide a link to whatever deck building site you prefer*)

Deck Tech: Optional, but we would greatly appreciate a blurb about the deck. Let us know some of the best interactions and strategies. What are the tips to succeeding with this deck? Has it been playtested or is a concept deck? Why should players choose this deck over any other options in the list?

Video/Articles:  If you made a video or wrote and article about this deck, link it!

* such as (now has Oathbreaker/Signature Spell support),, 


This is just the beginning. I'm hoping to turn this project it into a way to

  • make use of all those bulk cards taking up spaces in closets and bedroom floors
  • bring more people into the format
  • raise money for the charity
  • expand the idea that Magic can be Social, Generous, and Inclusive.

If you respond to a thread or deck idea, please keep those three tenants in mind.